Thought | Pushed Aside

by Thought | Pushed Aside

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released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Thought Cebu City, Philippines

We are Thought. Four regular guys and a gal with day jobs; who on some weekends rampage on stage to some good old fun hardcore.

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Track Name: Thought - Version
Justice denied for those who got life
Justice prevailed for the acquitted
Tipping the scale for a price
Truth has been raped so many times
Frustration draws the line, one last time
The sword, for strength and justice
The scale, for fairness and reason
The blindfold, no fear, no favor
Inclination to a version is aversion
Two sides, Two Truths, None guilty
Different voices stir
But hardly anyone is dear
Track Name: Thought - Dear Black
Dear Black, I miss you hollow and empty
But sometimes I don't, but sometimes I do
And this I keep to myself
And this I'll fend for my own
I have to leave you
This is going nowhere
Wake up from the nightmare
Track Name: Thought - The Relevance
Is it too much to ask to be of relevance?
Before I die
Before this wretched world says goodbye
Empty and meaningless still
Before this wretched world says goodbye
I stagger to pull myself together
Empty and meaningless
Steady and endless
I want to be remembered
For who I was
For what I've done
For what I loved
And the relevance of who I am
Track Name: Thought - Death, Inc.
This is for the hate, the pain,
The cries, the suffering of helpless people
Crimes against humanity with your wars
Selfish decisions for the love of power
Who do you think you are?!
Hate, Pain, Cries, Suffering of the world
Track Name: Thought - Never Easy
I don't know about you
I've had so many days and nights
Empty inside
Promise today, broken tomorrow
Pretend it's ok
Hello today, fuck you tomorrow
It's never easy, It's never too late
To change my ways
Giving all I got, taking all the chances
Beating all the odds, living up my life
Track Name: Pushed Aside - Pushed Aside
When everyone lose their mind
And forget what is truly inside
By these hands i'll keep what is mine
We've been judged, left out, we're pushed aside
Nobody said it was easy
Been there, been that, try to hold it back
It keeps slipping away
I can't deny and so do you
Can you deny this?
Like a moth to the flame
Propelled ourselves until we get burned
Track Name: Pushed Aside - Brave Enough To Fail
What you'd do when everything you dream
Just died before your eyes?
And every hope I had in me
Just died out suddenly
Just like letting go
Of the things that made me whole
So many sleepless nights
What I knew before exist no more
Brave enough to fail
And it came too soon
To see those hopes fade away
And I realize this is the way it should be
It's a crushing blow, petrified, breath in slow
Now I lost my trail but still I could say
I'm brave enough to fail
Cast away your doubts and fears
Track Name: Pushed Aside - Ink On My Skin
A friend for life is always there to help you
Will always there to make you smile
Through the good and through the worst time
Together nothing could ever bring us down
Though this world won't give a damn
We rise and fall, we gotta stay fightin'
We'll do anyting to gain the upper hand
With one last breath there's no time for stoppin'
You'll always stay with me
Like this ink on my skin
No, we won't forget you
No, never we will
And this life is a constant battle
Everyday gotta be always thankful
For we don't know what's going to happen
Behind the curve, right around the bend
We'll always remember what you mean to us
The friendship you gave
The laughter and cheers
Rest in peace my dearest friend
For I know we'll gonna meet again
This ink on my skin will stay 'til the end
This ink on my skin will forever remain
A testament from a friend
This ink on my skin
Needle pinched through my veins
This ink on my skin
Track Name: Pushed Aside - Out Of Sight
I've got you in my hands
Until I lost you
It seem so regretful
I didn't pay too much value
To all those times that gone wasted
All those chances were taken for granted
All those times that's been given
All those words that have left unspoken
It's too late to say these words
It don't mean a thing
While guilt engulfs the heart
Regrets keep playing in the head
So spend some time
While they are still here
Check your schedule, check your time
Always remember, bear in mind
The ones we love won't always be here
I won't live my life full of regrets
We failed to see, We say we're sorry
My apology, Hundred fold story
Still we fail to give them attention
Attention that they truly deserved
Their existence may seem to be worthless
But once out of sight we long for them
Now we value things once they're gone
Once they're gone
Now they are fucking gone